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Artist Name – Rigormortiz The British Rapper/Singer & Producer is making waves on the Underground scene with his unique raw style and melodic lyrical delivery. Also known as the Kameleon due to his ability to change and adapt his musical style at any given moment. This has allowed him to seamlessly fuse rap with other

Top Ricco Barrino recorded numerous songs

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Ricco Barrino was born in High Point, NC. He began his music career singing at the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, where his family members taught him how to lead a choir. His music is CROSS GENERATIONAL. The compositions and lyrics are fun, free flowing and memorable. Barrino says, “My music is a gumbo of

Stuart inspirational quotes

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Stuart giving a motivational talk to college students, he shares: success tips, humor, inspirational quotes, and life experiences!!!  Stuart believes that “life is all about choices”, however, he didn’t choose to be born premature weighing a mere 3lbs, nor did he choose his home for his first two months of life, as he

Awesome Classic Car Show Kuwait

@karenina.martawita twitter @karenmartawita _________________________________________________________ Hi guys, i want to show you a lot of of vintage cars show in Kuwait, the show event located in Kuwait Tower. Mostly the old car displayed at that time come from American brands, such as ford, chevrolet, chrysler and etc. If you cannot watch the show you can go

Perfect Music of The Don Kap

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The Don Kap Music has always fascinated people in every era – irrespective of their gender, age and ethnicity. Since it does not have any language, speakers of every language can listen to it. If we take a closer look at the growth of the music industry, we will learn that while every industry sees

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Doing your bit of research is essential. Make a spreadsheet or take a notebook, whichever is more comfortable for you, and jot down all the important points about the services of each hosting provider that is on your radar. All of them offer similar services, but they are all packaged differently. The package will be

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Uptime is the percentage of time that a hosting server has been up. While you should go with the best hosting company, remember that even the best hosting company goes down at one point. When doing your shopping, be cautious of the number of nines that a company offers. Remember that the more nines the

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Once you have determined the exact website hosting services you will choose to get your site online, the next step is to actually begin the growing process as a company. It is completely possible to drive traffic to your site without spending a ton of money on website hosting. Find a solid search optimization company

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Say you’re a web host who just bought a dedicated server. Say you’ve decided to offer your space to resellers – that is, people who buy large amounts of web space with the explicit intent to resell them. If you want to attract resellers, you may wish a fantastic read top 10 reseller hosting to

Awesome Pretty Pitcher – 100% Me Video Music

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This Is Pretty Pitcher’s official visual to his single “100% Me” Which Is on his forthcoming Ep “Patience Is Key”. You can stream/purchase this single on all music platforms, apple music and itunes links is available below. Artist: Pretty Pitcher Song: 100% Me Label: Money Family Ent FOLLOW US: Instagram: @PrettyPitcher @Eastcoastroc @Chaingepicasso